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Indian Stock Market Trend :-  My Dear visitor’s, after a horrified black Friday, the bloodbath on the Indian equity indices continued even today 8th August . this fate, it seems was sealed early Saturday, when standard & poor’s (S&P) cut it’s U.S. rating to AA+ from AAA. the downgrade shocked the investors across the globe. the Indian Stock Market took the lead from its Asian peers, which had the misfortune of being the first to react to the NEWS. As per the present situation, this is may be not where the Market will pause for the time being. The cut can get deeper with the Nifty going down to 4800-4700 levels. But it is just a temporary shock as people are not really leveraged as of now. Fundamentally i don’t see too many reasons for our market to correct except mass fii selling. So conclusion is, for the time being reduce your buying exposure as minimum as possible and quit the market every day after making some reasonable profit. rest is your choice.

Intraday Stock Tips For 9 August 2011

 1.     WOCKPHARMA (Wockhardt Ltd.) :- Buy at 447.80, Strict SL at 435.35, Intraday Target 450.40-453 Strong Resistance - 460-465-470
2.      INVENTURE (Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd.) – Buy at 205.05, Strict SL at 195.05, Intraday Target 207-210 Strong Resistance - 215-218.50-220.

3.     COALINDIA (Coal India Ltd.) :- Buy preferably on Delivery Basis and in Small Quantity  Buy at 392.25, Strict SL at 380.40 for Delivery purposes, Intraday target 395.95-399 Strong Resistance -401.80 Short Term  Expected 450 Plus.

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