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Market Trend For Monday 8 August :- My Dear friend’s,  it was a terrible day for Indian Stock Markets today 5th August. the Market started off in a negative note and even as experts tried to keep the mood adrift, it only got worse. Periodically, the Nifty saw some pullback rally from the lows of today but ended just little bit above 5200 levels. That 5200 level, which took a long time to break, has now become like a roof over the Market’s head, at least from a pullback point of view. But what might have lead to this massive fall? here are few factors that could have been accentuated the fall in share prices today: 1. Mass selling by FII’s 2. Lack of depth in the market,which may have led to even small sell orders having a multiplier effect. Trader’s/investors, who suffered heavy losses on some stocks initially, would then try to offset those, by booking profits whenever possible. 3.  The steep fall in share prices would have Triggered margin calls on shares pledged by promoters, with financiers. Wherever promoters were unable to provide the additional collateral, financiers would have dumped the shares. Program trading would have contributed to the panic as programmed computers remorselessly executed at pre-specified price levels. The Indian Market at current levels has been horribly oversold and we may see another sharp up move on monday morning opening bell, but all eyes are on the global front on how things will pan out for monday morning  The drama in the global space, however seems far from over. There could be twists and turns to the story there, that could make trade decisions difficult for an investor. Whatever call an investor makes in the last one hour of trade today 5th August is a leap of faith based on expectations of a better U.S. Employment number or non-farm payroll number. If that number to be released later today tentatively at 6 pm tonight, turns out to be horrible, then probably you are going to see a 5000-5050 levels on monday 8th August. If The number is better than expectations, then nifty could even get back to 5300 very quickly. So conclusion is, for the time being reduce Your buying exposure as minimum as possible and quit the market every day after making some reasonable profit. rest is your choice.

Intraday Stock Tips For Monday 8 August 2011

 1.      WOCKPHARMA ( Wockhardt Ltd.) : Buy at 424.45, strict SL AT 410, Intraday Target 428.45-429.90 Strong Resistance – 435- 440

2.      RUSHIL (Rushil Decor Ltd.) – Buy at 107.70, Strict SL at 101.45, Intraday Target 109-112-113 Strong Resistance -115-118

3.      ICICIBANK (ICICI Bank Ltd.) – Buy at 966.50, Strict SL at 958.00, Intraday Target 975-980 Strong Resistance -987-995

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