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Intraday Tips For 29 July 2011

My Dear visitor’s, bloodbath in the Indian Stock Market continued for the 3rd consecutive session. It was an expiry session market today 28th july by extreme weakness. As I already forecast ed yesterday that the market may sink further. In a nutshell, it is such a Market now, where you have to sell in abnormal higher levels and have to buy in extreme lower panic levels.
Intraday Stock Tips For 29 July 2011
1.   AVTNPL (AVT Natural Products Ltd.) : - Buy at 454.80, strict SL at 445.20, Intraday Target 460-464 Strong Resistance - 469-473-477 Short Term Target 530.
2.  UNIONBANK (Union Bank of India) : –  Buy at 287.45, Strict SL at 281.50, Intraday Target 289-291 (Strong Resistance)-294-296 Short Term Target 329.
3.   DELTACORP (Delta Corp Ltd.) :–  Buy at 109.70, Strict SL at 106.30, Intraday Target 111-112.70-114 Short Term Target 120 plus.

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