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Intraday Tips For 28 July 2011

My Dear visitor’s, the Indian Stock Markets failed to recover today 27th July from yesterday’s drubbing. The expected bounce back came in, but it was sadly short-lived. The Stock Market opened the pre-expiry session in the green, but soon lost ground. The lethal blow that the Market received yesterday after increment of 50 BPS of Repo and Reverse Repo rates by R.B.I and it’s lingering effect will persist for some more time. Now most probably Market will now start testing the lower levels. And again the best strategy for the Indian Stock Market is sell on abnormal rise and buy in extreme lower panic levels. Remember, as per the banking Experts there may be another hike of 25 BPS, which will derail the growth estimates. Now for the time being 5700 is considered to be a very tough resistance level of spot Nifty and Supports between 5550 and 5450 are very very important. If The Markets breaks 5450, then it will collapse and very soon the level of 5200 will definitely be seen. So the conclusion is, keeping the sluggish condition of Indian Stock Markets, trade carefully and book your profit soonest. Last but not the least, I would like to say, that the present Market is just good for Intraday. So try to get the benefit by means of intraday trading, if possible.
Intraday Stock Tips For 28 July 2011

1.     ATLASCYCLE (Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd.) :- Buy at 453.30, Strict sl at 439.90, Intraday Target 458-466 Strong Resistance -473-480.

2.     ADVANTA (Advanta India Ltd.):– Buy at 313.90, Strict SL AT 306.95, Intraday Target 316.20-318 Strong Resistance -325-331-337.

3.      FCH (Future Capital Holdings Ltd.): – Buy at 184.15, Strict SL at 176, Intraday Target 186-188 Strong Resistance -192.

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