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Market Update 22 November 2011  :- After yesterday's sharp fall in the market , Today recovery is visible. Sensex up 50 points on 15 996 open and Nifty up 17 points on open at 4795. Sensex 16000 and Nifty above 4800 in early trade reached. Intraday Tips
After beginning with the fall single Asian markets are undergoing. Jakarta Composite, Straits Times, Seoul Composite, Taiwan and Singapore Nifty index are in green. The Shanghai Composite, Hang Sang, Nikkei and Cospi pressure is on.
Intraday Tips :- Monday's proposal to reduce the financial deficit from becoming a super-committee agreed to the U.S. market closed lower by 2 per cent. 10 years at $ 1,200 billion in the fiscal deficit had to offer. 

Stock Intraday Tips 22 November 2011

REC Buy For 1 To 2 Days, Stoploss -  176.5,  Target -   192.

Sterlite Industries Sell For 1 To 2 Days ,  Stoploss -  107, Target -  95.

Bata India  Sell For 1 To 2 Days, Stoploss -   633,  Target -   612 – 608.

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