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Stock Market Trend Monday 22 August :- Caught in a fresh global storm, Indian Stock Markets in the past week have seen colossal sell-offs. And going forward things could get bad before they finally & inevitably get better. I still believe that the oversold market has enough room for opportunities for both investors and traders. One can use the rallies intelligently to make quick profit, but should always limit their losses, by restricting their trades. for the time being be happy with some reasonble profit and stop chasing the market for whole day. Few things, you should remember. the first thing is that it is been widely accepted worldwide by the great analysts, that is the right time to make handsome gain is the time when the stock market is in the state of Bloodbath . Though the theory is not so easy, rathet it is being little bit crooked, but if you can invest your money prudently by selecting some fundamentally good and prospective stocks, then you will be a sure and quick winner withinn a short period of time. Lot of anxious people are comparing the present market with the market of 2008, but present situation is very much different than the previous one. reason’s are classified, but in a nutshell, i can say that reasons for 2008 crash is manly because of two concrete reasons:

  1. The Bubble has been formed (Bubble Effect) Before 2008 crash and no one is aware of that.

  1. The Money has been trabsferred from the strong to week hands.

Present scenario of the Market is very much different than 2008 one, where the negative factors are clearly known and yet to be solved by Global experts. the Wealth is still in the strong hands as off now. So, question’s could be asked, why the Market is still going down? Dear visitor's all is happening mainly due to sudden panic selling where most of Investors/Traders are selling their purchased stocks because of Uncertainity. At the same time short term bears are trying to take the advatage of the present favourable situation suitable for them, and on the other hand prudent investors are slowly accumulating the good stocks for short term good gain, in every fall . I wish to explain the whole situation, but it is almost impossible for me to describe everytning in short form, but one thing i can assure you that, indian market will strongly bounce back within 1-2 months and lady luck will be your’s if you can survive and invest with an optimistic mind.for monday’s market, Try to make profit withing the half an hour of the opening.bell. the market may come down sharply after some positive bounce back which is logical and ineveitable.

$Good luck and teade safe$

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