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Stock Market Trend 29 Aug 2011

Stock Market Trend 29 Aug 2011 :- Last Friday’s 26th Aug closing indicates a serious weakness of Indian Stock Market. Now in the perspective of the all time high of Spot nifty comparng with the closing of Friday 26thAugust , the yearly chart indicating that in worst possible cases, Spot nifty can collapse completely and can go down up to 4000 also. Though the level of 4000 is not possible within couple of days, & will see lots of sharp troughs and crests in between, but it should be noted that the Stock Market has already been entered in a Bearish state. until unless spot nifty cross and sustain 5050, Market will remain weak and any bad news either it is domestic or global can push the market down to frustrating levels. Intention is neither to make you afraid nor to ask you to quit the Stock Market, rather to advice you to trade cautiously and to take the  favourable situation from time to time.

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