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Indian Stock Market Trend 12 August :- The Asian Markets today  11 August managed to overcome the sharp sell-off in the Western Markets last night, and finally closed with marginal cuts. india too moved in tandem and closed in a tight range. The uncertainties in the Global Market still persists. For the time being, as long as Nifty sustains the level of 5000, it is still ok. rather as per the present situation 5000 level is considered to be a safe level to buy for quick gain. below 5000, again the possibility is there for nifty to come down at 4800-4700 levels. In the upper side 5235 is strong resistance of nifty and 5300 is a rock solid resistance which is very difficult to break for the time being. We may expect some pull back rally for the time being, but i think it will not sustain for very long. in a nutshell some selling pressure is being expected near 5300 levels. So the conclusion is, try to make money by means of intraday and also try to keep yourself in green, till the global experts find out some good solutions to get rid of the uncertainties.

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