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 International Market View 19 August :-  U.S. markets on Thursday showed the effect of economic concerns. Dow Jones 3.7 per cent, 4.5 per cent and the Nasdaq Composite S & P 500 dipped 5.2 percent.  Poor economic data is due to heavy selling in U.S. markets. In America the number of unemployed has reached over 4 million. Also in July, inflation rose by 0.5 per cent. Home sales figures have disappointed the market.  Dow Jones down 420 points at the end of trading to close at 10 991. 1141 S & P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell 53 points, closed at 2,380 down 131 points.  nAnalysts believe that U.S. markets may continue to decline. Raymond James Geoffrey soft fall of the current downturn is a reminder of October 1978 and October 1979.  Steve Nemeth Snamerika Asset Management says that the U.S. markets did not cause a big fall. But the way the European credit crisis is getting deeper, in the coming days will impact on U.S. markets.  However, some experts believe that the recent decline in America's economic slump. Markets 10 percent is possible to come up. 

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