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Intraday Stock Market Trend 30th Aug 2011

Stock Market Trend 30 Aug. 2011 :- The third biggest rally of 2011, took place today on Monday 29th August. The Indian Stock Market witnessed a relief pull back rally right from the start of the trade and in one point of time NSE Nifty jumped 172 points, to end at 4920 after hitting an intraday high of 4934.40. The Indian Stock Market was hammered consistently for the last five weeks. but short covering, build up of fresh longs and positive global cues brought the bull back on the Indian Stock Market. Partly the global cues came in from the fact that the united states was not looking at QE (Quantitative Easing) as the only solution to its problem. that instilled the confidence of global traders. But you should remember one thing, market sentiment is still poor. Unless Spot Nifty cross & sustain at least 5050 the stability of indian stock market can not be confirmed. market may take a sudden dip again. so, as a precautionary measure you have to concentrate primarily upon your previously purchased stocks and have to book the profit as and when required. Few Intraday Stocks will always emerge everyday, in any condition of the market. Make quick profit on them using your own money and concentrate mainly on your holding stocks.

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