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Intraday Tips For Monday 20 June 2011

Intraday Stock Tips For 20 June :- MY Dear visitor’s, indian benchmarks closed lower for 3rd consecutive session on Friday 17th june, with falling about 2 percent for the week and more than half a percent in today’s trade. Though I Am a small fry, but as per my idea, though R.B.I. is desperately trying to curtail down the inflation by repeatedly increasing their interest rates, but it is not the right procedure to curb the inflation. What they are doing actually to resist the core inflation pressure, but as the supply inflation pressure is stronger than the core inflation pressure, it will be vain in near term, and the market will remain weak for mid term. So the conclusion is, now keeping in mind the negative factors, we have to trade carefully for the rest of the years or else the situation improves drastically. As per my idea, now we have sell stocks on every abnormal rise and buy good stocks in every abnormal falls, except few momentum stocks which may give you good intraday returns from time to time.

MANINDS Strict Stoploss, Strong Resistance – 157.65-160
BUY AT   150.45         143.20           153                  155

JYOTHYLAB Strict Stoploss, Strong Resistance –227.60-232
BUY AT     216.95          209                 219                   222 

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