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Intraday Stock Market Trend 2nd June 2011

Intraday Stock Market Trend 2 June :- My Dear visitor’s, Indian equity benchmarks continued the uptrend for second consecutive session on Wednesday 1st June 2011. Nifty closed tad below 5600 mark, thought it tried it’s utmost to cross the level during the day but could not make it. Market breadth was in favour of advances as two shares gained as against every one share declines. Global markets were quiet today in trade. European and Asian Markets were flat at the time of closing of India Stock Markets. Indian investor’s are still not very optimistic about the continuous up trend of the market and we have to wait for another couple of days for confirmation. Trader’s/Investor’s should be cautious at this stage, as any negative news like govt. is planning to increase the price of petrol very soon have some severe impact on the market and mass selling may take place all in  a sudden.

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