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Intraday Stock Market Trend Wednesday 25 May 2011

Intraday Stock Market Trend Wednesday 25 May :- My Dear Visitor’s, Today 24th May at the end of the usual dull session, Spot Nifty and some stock boosted up for some good Q4 results.Though, nothing have been decided yet about the probable price hike of Diesel Oil and domestic LPG and the quarterly results sessions will be over on 30th May, but recently Investor’s/Trader’s are more interested to buy some good stocks to obtain handsome dividends. I am tired of repeating the same old strategy everyday for the present market. But for the sake of my good visitor's base I am repeating the same old story: 1.  Except the opening bell, buy everything near lowermost supports and sell on good rise. 2. Just after buying, book your profit immediately. 3.  If possible, leave the market after making a reasonable profit. 4. Don’t just get hyped up to buy and sell. watch the market and buy/sell firmly. Market fate will only be decided after 26th May 2011. But for your information, future market trend indicating a good upward rally from the month of June 2011.

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