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Intraday Stock Market Trend For Thursday 5 May 2011

Intraday Stock Market Trend Thursday 5 May :- My Dear Visitor’s “BUY AT LOWERMOST LEVEL’S AND SELL ON RISE AND OF COURSE SELL IN ABNORMAL RISE” follow above instructions at least up to end June-Middle of July 2011. Reasons are very clear. A good monsoon is expected end June-July 2011 and only a good monsoon can bring the positive sentiment back of Indian Stock Market . At present, all the present trends are seems to be negative. I would like to explain reasons of those. most probably next week, Govt. ins going to increase the prices of Diesel Oil. They are also thinking of increasing the petrol as well as domestic LPG prices also   aggressive increment of interest rates by Reserve Bank Of India, which will affect much to reality, auto, industrial and directly on the banking sectors.  rising inflation. All above negative factors are going to spoil the positive market sentiment. But on the other hand, every time Indian Stock Market will show the extreme bottom, some HNI Intraday Trader’s/Scalpers will take the position and they will of course sell those stocks at some higher levels in the same day. mass buying at lower levels and simultaneously mass selling will take place at higher levels and indian Stock Markets will remain violently volatile till end June-July 2011. So, next one/one and half months will be only for the day Trader’s  and you have to live on it. Market Trend  By Market Experts  

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