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Intraday Stock Market Trend For Tuesday 10th May 2011

Intraday Stock Market Trend 10 May :- Spot Nifty and the overall Market trying their level best to close on a better high, failed to do so at the end (closing bell) and ultimately Spot Nifty closed almost at the datum position of last Friday’s 6th May closing. Above attitude of the market and index clearly indicates the mentality of the Trader’s/Investor’s to square up their positions before the closing bell in fear of uncertainty of Indian Stock Market. You have to wait for another two days for the central Govt. decision regarding the amendment of fuel oil prices and after that, the Market Trend for coming days will be inversely proportional with the fuel oil prices decided by the Indian Govt. remember Indian Stock Market is not yet been fully stabilize and market fate for coming days will only be decided after 11th of May 2011. Overall market trend for tomorrow’s 10th May opening bell is slightly negative. Last but not the least, rules of buying in lowermost supports and sell on extreme resistances in still valid for the time being.

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