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Intraday Stock Market Trend For Monday 16 May 2011

Intraday Stock Market Trend Monday 16 May :- My visitor’s, today on 13th May, Indian equity benchmarks were trading quite strong led by the results of state elections and of course for short covering. Huge shorts which were piled up Yesterday 12th May and those shorts were getting covered today 13th May. One sided win for Mamta Banerjee led Trinomool Congress in assembly election of West Bengal and Jayalalitha led Aiadmk in Tamil Nadu added more strength to the market. But one thing is sure, that Indian Stock Market is neither strong nor stable yet. Market is likely to ply between the range of 5400-5700 of spot nifty. Above 5700 market will regain the strength. So Investor’s Trader’s must be cautious before taking any positions. For the time being Market will give enough chance to buy some good stocks at lower levels but you have to sell them in every rise. in a nutshell, Buy in lowermost supports and sell at maximum resistance levels is the best strategy of the current market.

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