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Intraday Stock Market Trend For Monday 9 May 2011

Intraday Stock Market Trend Monday 9 May :- My Dear visitor’s, a Silver line could be seen in the cloudy horizon of Indian Stock Market. After some disappointing trading sessions today 6th May, Indian Stock Market’s did pretty well due to following reasons: 1.  A sharp decline of international oil prices especially due to the U.S. (United States) macroeconomic data and disappointing job numbers declared on Thursday 5th May. A further fall of crude oil price is also expected. 2. A dead cat bounce and short covering from the bottom level. but you should also remember, certain things. on 11th May Indian Govt. will decide whether they will increase the fuel oil prices or not. though the experts are forecasting that the International Crude Oil prices will go down further below 90-80 U.S.$ a barrel 90 U.S.$ is a comfortable zone in near future, but fate of the Indian Stock Market is still depending upon the Indian Govt. decision of fuel oil price amendment. So we have to wait till 11th of may and everyone should trade cautiously before the above mentioned date. whatever may be the case, you have to book your profit quickly in every stage. remember – Indian Stock Market is not yet been fully stabilize. Daily SMS Alerts

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