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Stock Market Intraday Trend For Tuesday 19 April 2011

Stock Market Intraday Trend 19 April :- Market will be again unstable and remain tremendously Volatile for some time. My visitor's, Now I should like to start with few lines about the Volatility concept. Investor’s who were participating in the Stock Market in 70’s – 80’s (I mean 1970-1980), They should know that Indian Stock Market on those days were seller Market’s. Now what was a seller market .? Those days few Indian companies were dominating the Indian Stock Market’s and what ever they were manufacturing, easily sell-able. There were less competitions and Stock Market participants were also very less in comparison with present days. Now competition between the company’s are very tough and Market participants are enormous Including FII’s & DII’s. So that this type of volatility is very much normal for present days. In fact more Days/Months and years will pass, more volatility will be experienced and you have to live on it. So the time has come, that trader’s Investor’s either should take keen interest of learning the Stock Market or take some professional help. Remember my word: Gone are those good old days, when people gather at any time in the stock market with a cup of hot coffee and use to trade for a positive return. So, either take the stock market seriously or quit it for ever just to save your hard earned money. today’s moral: “same old good Mr. Darwin’s famous theory: “Survival of the Fittest” is also applicable for present day’s stock market.

Don’t over trade now & try to protect your capital.
Always stay cool & don’t be panic-stricken.
Always follow the footprints of Spot Nifty as stated below.

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