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Intraday Stock Market Trend For Friday 29 April 2011

Intraday Stock Market Trend For 29 April 2011
Intraday Stock Market Trend 29 April  :- My Dear visitor's, monthly F&O expiry is over and Indian Stock Market closed in a weak note. Considering, the present circumstances, Market will be range bound for another one or two months and breaking the sentimental Resistance of 5950 seems to be a hard task for the time being. So we have to follow the same old rule once again, that is buy at the lowermost level and sell on every rise. This way you can make some moderate profit but of course, can retain your hard earned capital.  Daily Market Trend  By Market Experts 
Don’t expect much more from this kind of market and be happy with the moderate intraday gain only. Finally i will recommend all Trader’s/Investor’s to stay away from the F&O sector for the time being. Today’s moral:  “Market is supreme, so it’s better not to fight with the Market and remain with THE Trend. Don’t over Trade now and try to protect your Capital”  “Always stay cool & don’t be panic-stricken”

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