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Nifty Intraday Tips For 25 Feb 2011

Tomorrow, (25th February) first of all, spot nifty should open and sustain at least above 5280. nifty hurdle is at 5300. after that spot nifty will face a series of resistances as follows: 5320-5360-5380. recovery of the market is only expected if spot nifty cross and sustain 5380 for some time. at 5400 fresh buying will take place and the next nifty (spot) levels will be as such: 5420-5460-5490-5550. otherwise, if spot nifty could not sustain 5280, in the opening bell, then profit booking will take the spot nifty down up to 5250-5200. panic selling will take place below 5200 and spot nifty can go down up to 5130. above is the possible scenario of 25th february market. what ever may be the case, both spot nifty as well as the market will ply in the wide gaps & you have to make profit within that.

Nifty Intraday Levels for 25 Feb 2011

   5196            5129             5377                 5490   

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