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Stock Market View 23rd Dec :- Concerning Market, same to be followed strictly: though, 6000 is again now acting as a minor resistance but in the opening bell spot nifty should cross and sustain same. 6020-6025 is a stiff resistance of spot nifty crossing which 6050-6100 can be seen. 5980 is again acting as a major support of nifty, breaking which 5950, and in worst possible panic situation spot nifty can reach in 5900 level. in the opening bell book your profit immediately after buying above mentioned stocks. remember, each and every stock will come down sooner or later for profit booking, after making some good new high. so best strategy is to book profit and again wait for the right opportunity. secondly, don't fallen in love with any particular stocks, whether that particular stock is one of your favorite, or else it has gone down in such an attractive level that you are thinking it is worth buying for immediate good return. always remember, stock market is the combination of relative sentiments of the mass trader's, which changes rapidly. also, market is supreme and it got it's own mind. so best thing is to feel the pulse of the market and to follow the trend. finally you have to change your strategy as per the current situation. 

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