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Stock Market View 8 Dec  :- Now at first Spot Nifty to cross and sustain 5990 at first. 6010 is a very stiff resistance and also acting as a cross over hurdle, breaking which spot nifty can go as such: 6040-6080-6120-6150. nifty strong support at now 5950, breaking which profit booking can take spot nifty up to 5915, below 5915 panic selling can started which will further bring the nifty down up to 5850-5815. please note today (7th dec.) "uflex" was collapsed due to it's promoter and cmd was arrested by cbi and went to prison for four years (sorry to say that uflex is not involved in any business with gutka or pan masala manufacturer). so sentiment of uflex is recently poor & tomorrow in the opening bell, it is likely to go further down bcoz of pending selling orders. it is advisable to all holder's of uflex to make some money by jobbing the stock (sell in rise, or just sell it and buy in dips, if get the opportunity . last but not the least, till end December 2010 market will almost everyday show lot of violent crest and troughs, so you have to wait for the right oppurtunity to buy stocks in dips and sell immediately with 1-1.5% profit and have to wait for another opportunity. best thing is that, till end dec. whenever you will make a reasonable profit, stop doing futher trade for that day and wait for the next day's favorable condition. for all above stocks given for tomorrow's intraday are puely for the opening bell and investor's are advised to book the profit quickly after buying. finally, to regain your moral, i must say that, once you buy some fundamentally good stock utilizing your own money, it will bound to give you good return sooner or later (this is my long time experience).

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